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Maps & Directions to Virginia Sportsmedicine Institute

We're located at:

1715 North George Mason Dr. Suite 503
Arlington Virginia 22205

Ph: 703-525-5542 ext. 200
Monday-Friday / 6:30am - 7pm

Our Facility

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Our 4000 square foot facility houses a vast array of the most current rehabilitative equipment and is staffed by the area's leading physical therapists.

Patient Education

The knee is a commonly injured joint. Within recent years, the increase in ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries has been remarkable. Trauma to this ligament within the knee can be serious, and injuries to it usually occur during athletic activity.
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Why are knee injuries so common?

The knee is particularly vulnerable to injury. It is the joint between the two longest bones of the body, and the entire weight of the body is transferred to the foot through the knee. The knee is also more prone to injury because its stability decreases as it bends. The menisci and the ligaments provide less effective support to the bent knee.

What does the inside of the knee look like and where is the ACL?

The knee joint contains bones, ligaments, muscle tendons, cartilage, nerves, and blood vessels. A fibrous joint capsule made of collagen surrounds the joint and encircles the end of each bone to give the knee stability.

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Where Does It Hurt?